iSize car seat with 360° rotation in both forward and rear facing positions. Use the rear facing position from newborn up to 105 cm and then you can choose the forward facing position if preferred when the child gets to 15 months.


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Technical Characteristics

  • Adjustable headrest with 5 positions while the baby is in the seat.

  • Fitted harness and headrest that provide synchronised adjustment. 5-pointharness that spreads the loads across the body better in the event of an accident.
  • Rearward facing. From 40-105 cm. (approx. 4 years old). Cushion insert for 40 to 60 cm (baby). Babies travel much more safely in the rearward facing position until they are at least 15 months old, although Jané recommends extending the use of this position for as long as possible, until the baby is 105 cm.
  • Isofix + anti-rotation leg. This is the safest installation position, as it prevents any installation errors that could affect safety.
  • Forward facing. From 15 months up to 105 cm. Nevertheless, here at Jané we recommend to travel in the rear facing position for as long as possible.
  • New 40-60 cm cushion insert, for newborns, which improves the resting angle and increases safety in the event of side impact.
  • 360º rotation in both positions. Easy to place the child in the seat.
  • Removable and washable upholstery.