A practical and light option

The Micro carrycot from Jané provides a practical and light option for transporting the baby while he rests. The quick, simple way it unfolds makes it very useful in situations that require a simple and safe response. The attractive design is based on a top quality anodised aluminium structure giving it great stability. The rigid one-piece base lets the baby rest in complete comfort. The hood can be folded with the structure making it all very compact. The Micro carrycot includes a foot cover with a zip all the way round making it easier to handle the baby.

The frame can be folded to make it smaller.

Interior mattress available as standard with all the carrycots.

The new carrycot has a front protector bar with lockable opening.

Compatible with the Jané pushchairs using the Pro-Fix system.

The side walls, as well as the foot cover and the hood
are all made of breathable fabric with windstop
properties to protect from the wind, and are water
resistant, with properties to repel water or light

Approved under the European Standard for pushchairs and prams EN1888.


Which colour do you like best?

  • t29
  • t31
  • t34
  • t51
  • t52
  • t57
  • t60

Technical Characteristics

  • Practical and light with quick unfolding system.

  • Anodised aluminium structure that provides great quality and stability.
  • Foot cover with a visor with two positions.