Koos iSize

Maximum convenience with a single click

The new Koos iSize no longer uses the vehicle seat belts as an anchoring system. To comply with the strict ECE R129 i-Size European safety standard, Koos iSize uses a base with ultra-quick connectors with Pro-fi x locking from Jané and anchored to the car with isofix and the front leg for complete safety and reliability.


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  • t29
  • t31
  • t34
  • t51
  • t52
  • t57
  • t60

Technical Characteristics

  • Height 40-83 cm

    Side position. “Side impact protector” specially designed to absorb side impacts along with the adjustable headrest. Fitted with “memory foam” for maximum dissipation of loads in the event of a side impact.

    Adjustable headrest to 5 positions. The headrest adjusts to suit the baby’s height. The height adjustment device can be used while the baby is in the seat.

    Isofi x + anti-rotation leg. This is the safest installation system, as it prevents any installation errors that could affect safety.

    The Pro-Fix installation system makes it compatible with the new base and all the Jané pushchairs.

  • Water-resistant
  • Shields from the winds
  • Breathable