The new Jané hoods

The new Jané hoods: maximum protection!


The new hoods from Jané are the latest trend in terms of fabrics and range of colours. These colours and materials can be seen on fashion catwalks all over the world.


The innovative hoods from Jané combine style with maximum protection and safety for little ones. That is why all our hoods undergo a series of strict tests to obtain different certificates, which prove and register the main characteristics and optimal qualities of the Jané hoods.


What are these characteristics?


  • Protection against UV radiation (assessed in s/EN13758-1). In this case, the hood has a protection factor equal to or greater than 50 UPF.

  • Water repellent (assessed in s/24920). Factor exceeding ISO3. Once they exceed this level, products can be considered water repellent.

  • Wind proof (assessed in s/EN ISO 9237). The hoods filter air flow at a rate of 600l/m2/s according to regulations. Anything above this level means the hoods can be classed as wind proof.


These three essential characteristics are present in all the Jané hoods on the market. We work hard every day, not just to make sure that all our products function correctly, but also to ensure that they all work better all the time, to guarantee that babies can travel and rest peacefully in our prams, protected from any type of weather.