Jané iQuartz

iQuartz, the first approved iSize safety seat for 100 cm to 150 cm that grows with the child.

Now available for distribution and sale!

Here at the Jané Group we are pleased to announce that the iQuartz safety seat is now available. iQuartz is the first Child Restraint System approved for 100 cm to 150 cm under the strict and demanding iSize regulations.

Relevant information about the safety seat

The iQuartz safety seat has 11 headrest and backrest positions so it can be adjusted to suit the child’s height perfectly. It also has 3 different reclining positions so the child can rest more comfortably.

The headrest is fitted with large sides over the ears, which means that in the event of side impact the child’s head always stays in the safety zone, thereby guaranteeing maximum protection. This side protection is designed in the wraparound style to provide greater shock absorption in the event of possible impact.

The Isofix anchoring system, provides extra safety and stability for the seat. It is used in combination with the 3-point seat belt of the vehicle. It is advisable to use it with the Isofix anchors as this offers greater comfort and safety.

Available in 4 colours, the ergonomic design with air vents makes it more breathable for the baby. The hard-wearing, anti-stain upholstery, which is also breathable and Soft Touch, has covers that can be taken off washed so they stay like new for longer.

Product launch campaign:

The product is already available for immediate delivery and we will send you a pack with contents and creative ideas for your social networks and website.

We will announce the availability on all our social networks, as well as on our website, where our customers can find all the necessary information about the iQuartz.