Flowy Potty travel

Travel potty with disposable bags
· Ideal for when your child is coming out of nappies. Convenient, compact and versatile, you can take it with you on trips and use it as a potty with feet or as a training seat on a toilet. The only one with height adjustable legs to guarantee the most comfortable position for the child’s back and legs.
· The pack is also a travel bag with handles, making it easy to carry and guaranteeing hygiene
· Folds flat so it can easily be stored.
· The feet are fitted with non-slip rubber to prevent any slips, falls or marks on the floor.
· Works with absorbent disposable bags fitted with an underpad. Includes 10 disposable bags in the box.
· For children of 1 year and upwards.
Second height (from the floor): 17cm
First height (from the floor): 14cm
Includes: 30 replacement bags