Before choosing a buggy you should know that they’re not all suitable for all ages of babies and they can’t be used for everything. We’ll try to give you some advice here and clear up any doubts you may have.

What's the difference between pushchairs and prams?

PRAMS can be used straight from birth when they are used with a baby carrier or a carrycot. Do you want to discover them? Here they all are: Aero, Muum, Cross Reverse Classic, Rider, Trider y Trider Extreme. PUSHCHAIRS, much lighter, smaller, folding and easy to handle, are for babies whose back muscles are already strong enough for them to sit up by themselves. This is Nanuq.

What is a baby carrier?


A BABY CARRIER is what you need to carry your child about for the first few months. Jané has a range of baby carriers that, thanks to the ProFix system, can be attached to the chassis of your favourite pram to provide an option that best suits your needs. These baby carriers are also approved for vehicle use, thereby providing you with maximum convenience and safety in just one product. See them here: Strata, Koos y Matrix Light 2.


What is a carrycot?

If you want to carry your baby lying down for the first few months a CARRYCOT is what you need. At Jané we have carrycots to suit all tastes (convertible into baby carriers, classic ones, ultra folding ones...), and all of them can be attached to the chassis of your favourite pram thanks to the ProFix system. See them here: Transporter 2, Micro y Matrix Light 2.

What are pram formulas?

The FORMULAS are the different combinations we offer so that your pram has everything you need. Chassis, seat, baby carrier and carrycot can be combined in lots of different ways, always depending on what you need. Start by choosing the pram you like best, and from there you can add all the elements you think you’ll need.

Are there any all terrain prams?

Of course there are! Trider, with its three large wheels, is the most all terrain pram from Jané. But you could also take a look at any of the prams with large wheels as this is basically what makes them easier to manoeuvre on difficult terrain.

Have you got anything for those of us with twins?

At Jané we’ve also thought about you, of course. If you’ve got twins, we have two prams to make your life a bit easier: Twone, Twin Two y Nanuq Twin.